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TurtleSkin Duty Gloves

TurtleSkin Duty Gloves

  • $ 77.00

TurtleSkin Duty Gloves provide excellent comfort as well as six times more protection in the palm against 28 gauge hypodermic needles (a type of needle that addicts use, and that can carry the HIV virus). The TurtleSkin fabric in the palm feels soft, yet protects your hand from potentially life-threatening punctures and cuts.

This glove delivers the best protection from HIV, Hepatitis C, and other diseases that can be transmitted from needlesticks, jabs, and other unforeseen accidents while in the line of duty.

  • High needle and cut resistant palm and fingertips
  • Soft leather palm
  • Snug knit backing
  • Provides a high level of dexterity
  • Not machine washable

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