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About us

Dozer Tactical Equipment, is owned and operated by four partners who share in a history of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firearms and Survival. Collectively we offer over 30 years of combined experience in these fields.

Together, we have formulated this cutting edge tactical supply, firearm training and personal protection company. It is our mission to better outfit our fellow civilians, law enforcement, corrections and military worldwide with the tools and training necessary to become more aware and better equipped in a society where threats of danger, harm and an overall lack of safety are on a staggering rise.

It is our vow to you, our loyal customer, that by keeping one step ahead of advancements in products, training and technology and paired with our unsurpassed passion of this field; WE WILL remain a leading authority in the supply, education and training of all aspects within this industry!


“Don’t just be prepared . . . Be Equipped!”


-Dozer Tactical Equipment