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Basic - Advanced Firearms Training - CPL Classes - Personal Protection Solutions - Private & Security Consulting

Our mission: To provide uncompromised insight, training and solutions to all those seeking to develop a solid personal protection plan. To offer our devoted dedication in teaching mastery of the skills necessary to become aware and prepared in a society where threats of danger, harm and  lack of safety are on a staggering rise.
Looking for an introduction to Firearms & Personal Protection? Looking to obtain your Concealed Pistol License? Looking for advanced training for you, your family, your home/business? 
Dozer Tactical is owned and operated by Certified and Insured Personal Protection & Firearms Instructors formulated of an elite team of Ex-Law Enforcement, Corrections and Firearm Specialists. Collectively, we offer over 30 years of firearm and survival experience. Take courses taught by instructors with actual real world experience. All of our instructors have been personally involved in a real life armed encounter. We share these experiences with our classes to offer an extra level of insight that you'll only Get Here!
Whether it's your first time exploring firearms and personal protection or you're a seasoned enthusiast; Dozer Tactical offers a variety of classes and training's suited to fit everyone's individual needs. From personal, home and business Safety Dynamics through all levels of Firearm Training and Instruction. We have dedicated ourselves to teaching mastery of skills, knowledge and techniques.
"The best way to win a confrontation is to avoid the confrontation, but when the situation lends itself otherwise; Know that you have the Confidence and Dynamics to ensure that you or a loved one will Never become a victim!"