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Ballistic Whiteboard - Level III

  • $ 999.00

Hardwire's Bulletproof Whiteboard is an everyday instructor’s tools which also provides emergency armor protection. The armor technology is derived from solutions developed for the Department of Defense. Lightweight, durable, and portable protection for anyone. 


  • Blends well with classroom – no negative psychological impact on students.
  • Perfect for highly interactive teaching. Easy-to-hold handles for portability.
  • Purchase includes a hook for easy hanging.
  • 18" X 20" NIJ Level 3 (Certified to NIJ 0108.01)
  • Weighs:10.6 lbs
  • Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards Level III. (Certified to NIJ 0108.01)
  • Stops most automatic rifle fire
  • Covers the head and torso.

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