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TPR Non-Less Lethal Semi Auto Pistol

TPR Non-Less Lethal Semi Auto Pistol

  • $ 279.00

This item is restricted to military, law enforcement and security professionals only.
We can only ship this product to police agencies, military or security company address.

Please contact us at (989) 484-9041 to verify your eligibility before ordering.


Semi Auto Carbine, Air Powered Launcher

The TPR by Mission Less Lethal includes an 8 round magazine. Standard CO2 cartridges are used to fire .68 Cal projectiles at 300 feet per second. No batteries are required.

Target accurate up to 60 feet and area saturation up to 175 feet gives the officer maximum maneuverability and safety in close quarter tactical situations. Trigger punctures CO2 cartridge on the first pull with magazine window showing the number of rounds remaining in the clip.

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